Swim, Swim, Swim


  by Kate Langely and Corey Stevens, Sport and Leisure Service Team Leaders      
MacKillop House Captains, Riley Arthur and Brandon Mortimer, celebrate their win.

2016 has started with a bang, with the first major event of the sporting calendar being the swimming carnival.   Fittingly, it started off with the 30m dash where the fastest swimmers in each house competed for pride and 30 points for their house.  Campbell’s triumphant winner, Chris Conway, took the title.

This year’s swimming carnival was the closest in recent memory with 110 points separating first and second place. Congratulations Mackillop who took home the trophy for the third consecutive year.  For a moment there it looked like it would be the end of Mackillop’s dream run though.  Campbell was actually leading with only butterfly and relays to go.  Mackillop had enough fighting spirit to get their team over the line in a well-deserved victory. Much heat surrounded the teacher/student relay which ended in victory for Mackillop, but heartbreak for the teachers. We would like to commend both the students and teachers who participated in this race.

MacKillop Captains, Riley Arthur and Brendan Mortimer, made the following comment about their House:

MacKillop house has been busy in the past month! Starting off with swimming carnival, it was fantastic to be filling races and cheering loudly! The interhouse championship that comes along with that is pretty great as well! It would be fantastic for MacKillop house to clean sweep the sports carnivals again this year, and it is our goal to make everyone in MacKillop house a family unit, who compete, support, and participate together! We’re super excited for the year to come, in sport, community, and arts and culture.  MacKillop is ready to go!

It’s great to hear their enthusiasm and we’re anticipating big things for this House for 2016.

We would like to congratulate the 2016 age champions from the Swimming Carnival.
Year 7 –    Emma Drinkall   Hunter Hanns
Year 8 –    Abbey Lynn  Nicholas Buist
Year 9 –    Cassie Byrne  Heywood Kirby
Year 10 –  Kaitlin Shave  Daniel Harris
Year 11 –   Sophie Arthur  Rayma Tuputala
Opens –    Riley Arthur  Nick Tier

The turnout at this year’s swimming carnival was phenomenal, and we would like to thank every student who attended, whether you swam in divisional, non-divisional, or were there to just have a great time and support your house. We would also like to thank all the staff who took time  to help us make the swimming carnival a great success. A special thank you to ‘Mr Sport’ himself, Mr Faulks, for his efforts in getting this fantastic event organised. Thank you to the college community for making the swimming carnival a night to remember and see you all at the Cross Country carnival next term.

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