Are You Serious?


Campbell House Promotes Project Compassion

“Are you serious?” was the cry of students as they entered their classroom on Monday the 15th February, when they found themselves faced with an empty room. “We are doing without furniture today,” they were told by their teacher. The reaction was one of surprise and frustration.

For an entire day, any class that was held in a Campbell House Home Room, did their learning without desks and chairs.  It wasn’t until the following day that Campbell House members were able to buy back their furniture with a donation to Project Compassion.

Through this small act of solidarity, organised by Campbell House for their Project Compassion Campaign,  students in our College were able to experience the challenges that others in developing countries have to live with every day.

Student Representatives from Campbell House attend the official launch of Project Compassion at the Cathedral.
Student Representatives from Campbell House attend the official launch of Project Compassion at the Cathedral.

The official launch of Project Compassion, Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal, was attended by the Campbell House Student Representative at a Shrove Tuesday event at the Cathedral.  The following day our own campaign was launch with the video below presented in our Ash Wednesday liturgy.   Mission boxes were  placed in all Home Rooms and Staff Rooms.

Liam McParland, student leader for Campbell House, said that raising money was an important aspect of the House Mission, but their main focus this year was more about where the money was going and how it could improve lives of people in need. Their House has been working toward ‘creating a just world’ and believe that through supporting Project Compassion, we can all demonstrate that we recognise the injustices faced by billions of people in the world every day.

‘K’s for Compassion’, a lunch-time water relay involving a House Competition in which students needed to avoid spillage as they ran, was very well attended. The crowd was addressed by Jack Su, Social Justice and Engagement Leader, who explained that many people in developing countries, especially women and girls, walked at least 10 km a day just to access water and as such, had no time for education.  He said that we all had an obligation to promote the rights of people across all nations because we all belong to the one human family.

The relay begins.
Km’s for Compassion Relay

Renee Drury, Campbell House Leader, told us that she loved seeing so many students from across the school involved in this activity and thought that supporting Caritas was a great way to reach out to people in need.

Miss Kirk, House Coordinator,  said that it was fantastic to see so many students down on the oval, both participating and supporting the event.  Congratulations is extended to Aspinall House who were the winners of the challenge!
Mission boxes will be available for donations until the end of term and remember, a few dollars goes a long way.

  • fundraise_146_pc-box_50-years$2 could provide Indigenous plants to regenerate 10 square metres of deforested community land in Bolivia.
  • $10 could supply jerry cans for two families affected by natural disaster in Samoa
  • $50 could engage an Indigenous person in 5-day community tourism training in Bolivia
  • $100 could provide a bicycle for a field worker working with the disabled in Bangladesh
  • $200 could provide training packs for 10 ‘street boys’ to learn organic farming in Papua New Guinea

Together we can help the poorest of poor live a life of dignity.

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