Raise Your Voice

By Sophie Shafer, Year 9 MacKillop Representative for Student Voice Service Team

93f61694d35b16ff4b88a62b466ae6a0Baby Asha, was born in Australia to asylum seeker parents.  Recently she has been mentioned in the news and has become quite a controversial topic.  Her family were sent to the Detention Centre on Nauru Island when Asha was onlyfive months old.  It was there that she suffered terrible burns and was sent back to Australia to be admitted to Lady Cilento hospital in Brisbane.   It wasn’t until Doctors would not release her, unless she was sent to a safer place to live other than Nauru, that an uproar began.

Many protesters gathered outside the hospital pleading for baby Asha to be allowed to stay in Australia to recover. There were rumours that Asha’s mother had burnt her on purpose so that they could come back to Australia, but these rumours proved false.

Some residents in Australia believe Asylum seekers should not be allowed into Australia as they could possibly be terrorists who could create another attack, like the one in Sydney and Paris. Others believe that all asylum-seekers need to be  welcomed to Australian shores.  Most people though, agree that a detention centre is no place for babies and children.

Asha was finally released and taken to live in a community detention centre in Australia.  Even though many argue over what should happen to people who seek asylum in Australia, we should all raise our voices in solidarity when we see something happening that is not right.   Thankfully Asha is now being well taken care of.



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