Caring For Creation

by Kyle Lancelot, Surawski House Leader. 

12318453_799162773522573_1577968729_oSaturday, 5th of March, found an event like no other – Clean Up Australia Day!  This year, CMC participated in the campaign by making the Roly Chapman Reserve Bushland, the area behind our school, a cleaner environment.  While we’ve been participating in Clean Up Australia for many years, this is the first time we have committed to an area outside our own grounds.  Surawski  House, who promote and support the mission of Catholic Earthcare Australia, had envisioned the idea to spread awareness of the issues of sustainability, which is becoming more and more significant every day. 

12809828_799162783522572_1097150747_oAustralians are the second highest producers of waste, per person, in the world, with each of us sending of 690 kilos of waste to landfill each year.  This amount is enough to cover the state of Victoria.  In saying that, it is clear that we, as a team, and as a school, need to focus on this issue and explore ways to help reduce our waste.  

12842486_799162790189238_301045921_oEven though it may not be Clean Up Australia Day everyday, we can all make a change and keep a constant reminder in our heads to place all our rubbish in the bin, even if it isn’t our own.  If not us, who?  And if now now, when?   


Logo-BlackSurawski House: Caring for Creation


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