It’s Not Ok!

trishby Lutrciah Sawu Year 12

There are more slaves today than any other time in history with an estimation of 35.8 million people forced into labour (including sexual exploitation). Every year an estimated 1.2 million of those are children being trafficked in Cambodia. Cambodia is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking, currently ranking 14th in the world for modern slavery.


The SHE Rescue Home works in partnership with local and international agencies in Cambodia to give girls, as well as their families and communities, opportunities to reshape their lives. SHE Rescue Home exists to help these people fulfil their God-given potential.

The rescues are carried out by highly specialized staff from organizations such as International Justice Missions, SISHA and APLE who work in co-operation with local police enforcement.

They are committed to working holistically with the girls and their families to positively impact not just them, but their community and the nation of Cambodia. They work towards the goal through education and an alleviation of the poverty through the Family Assistance Program and Micro-Enterprise endeavours. Their goal, is to safely reintegrate the girls into their families and communities.

They have been able to assist girls who have been raped, prostituted, trafficked or are at risk of these injustices.

  • 22% of human trafficking victims are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation, of whom 55% are women or girls
  • In Cambodia more than 6% of females and 5% of males aged 13-17 reported at least one experience of sexual abuse
  • While the majority of child sex offenders are locals, the magnitude of Cambodia’s cases of child sex tourism makes it a popular destination for offenders
  • An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year
  • Rape is increasing in Cambodia, and most victims of rape in Cambodia are children. The median age of rape victims in 2010 was 12 years old, two years younger than it was in 2007

This is not just happening in Cambodia it’s happening in our own country.  Australia is primarily a destination country for people trafficked from Asia, particularly Thailand, Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia. The Australian NGO Project ‘Respect’estimates up to 1,000 victims are currently being exploited into the slavery industry.  So far the Australian Government’s Interdepartmental Committee on Human Trafficking and Slavery reported that five children were referred to the Support for Trafficked People Program in the 2014-15.

8625fabb0fefdc10595ab6373464af68The girls received have been trafficked, raped, prostituted or are at risk of being a victim of such things. While we will never know the name of any of these girls or see their faces,  our donations, great or small, will go a long way in helping them get their lives back.

This is why I’d like to raise awareness and hopefully raise money as well while educating the CMC cohort on this issue because “It’s not ok”.


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