Rice Mission Month goes out with a Bang

The end of Rice Mission month came to a close with the school wide tug-of-war. Great job rice house everyone had an awesome time!

We asked Rice House Captain, Damon how Rice went throughout their Mission month.

Rice Mission Month was a huge success with all money raised going towards the Edmund Rice Camps. This great organisation provides caring and compassionate filled camps for children and teenagers who feel neglected from family or society. We kicked off the mission month with a glorious bake sale. Just this event alone produced $700 for the Edmund Rice Camps. This was followed by the Edmund Rice Festival. From the slime to the abundant snags, the Festival was an enormous hit which hopefully will be a rice tradition for years to come. Special thanks to the Edmund Rice volunteers who helped create the vivid atmosphere for the festival. Our social justice event, cleverly nicknamed Chain Reaction bound all the students, teachers and other staff in one large chain. The grand finale of our mission month was a great strength battle between all six houses. Of course, Rice was crowned king. Finally, a huge thanks to Miss Martin who orchestrated the entire month and to the entire Rice Leadership team who put in both school and after school hours into this successful month.

Massive thank you to Emma, Damon, Ms Martin and all of Rice House reps for their amazing work and organisation throughout the month!


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