The Pokemon Phenomenon

Released officially on July 6th, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm by creating a virtual reality app that allows people to catch their favourite childhood Pokémon. This new craze has made the walk to Garden City or the bus a desperate race to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

I asked a year 12 student about why they thought Pokémon Go was so popular and they said:

“I would say that the reason why Pokémon Go has become instantaneously popular is that up until now most games have only existed in the virtual world; Pokémon Go brings the virtual world into real life!”

Here’s a bit of background info. Celebrating 20 years of Pokémon (pocket monsters), Niantic Labs (also the creator of Nintendo) released the game for initial beta testing in 2011. They relied on players to submit areas or objects that could be deemed as public artwork, historical sites, buildings with unique architectural history or characteristics, or unique local businesses. These are the various poke`stops and gyms you see on your screens. Around CMC, both Garden City and Hibiscus are gyms that have several poke `stops in between them.


Through the years Pokémon has become one of the most well-loved games of all time starting with Pokémon red and green on the Nintendo game boy to Pokémon sun and moon coming out on 3DS at the end of this year. I’m sure that many of us will remember catching our first Pokémon.

“Pokémon has been, and will always be one of my favourite franchises. From the moment I caught my Squirtle in Pokémon GO, I felt my inner 7-year-old self come back to life. It’s a genius way to get people who just sit around playing video games at home out and about to capture Pokémon like it’s the real deal. I love the game so much I’m actually playing it while typing this comment. I haven’t found anything yet, but I’m sure that will change.” ~ Year 12 Student

However, while this game gets people out and about it has also been in the news several times for negative reasons. This can be as small as tripping over and twisting your ankle to being robbed at gun point. In Missouri, players were robbed at gun point by teenagers who were using the game to lure in their victims. There were 8 recorded cases. So while this game is addictive, police and the producers of the game warn that players should be aware of their surroundings.


While it has received these negative comments ultimately the game entices people to explore the world. To players with the game in CMC, stay safe in your quest to be the best.

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