The Team


IMG_1243It’s been great to work with students to bring about our inaugural on-line magazine this year.  I’ve been looking at ways to have this style of publication in our College for a few years now and I’m very pleased that it has finally come to fruition.  Learning this skill has been enjoyable and collaborating with the Student Voice Team to decide what they believed students in our community would want and need, choosing our theme, name, categories and layout, was fun too.  Thanks to all  who have contributed articles, photos, and videos. Keep them coming.

SEAN MCPARLAND        Leader of Student Voice                   Year 12 Campbell    EDITOR

12803973_942969662501327_1985230396_nHEY GUYS! So my name is Sean McParland , and along with Rochelle Chranowski, I’ll be one of your Year 12 Student Voice Leaders for 2016. A little bit about myself, my favourite subjects are Drama and English, I’m very passionate about film and film-making and one day hope to pursue a career in that industry as an actor, director, producer or writer. For the online magazine I’ll be publishing articles for all our categories, creating video content, photos and helping with editing. I’m very excited about our magazine and the hard work everyone has put in thus far to make it happen. “As one we leave our mark!” Hopefully for 2016 the Student Voice team can make this a reality.

    Leader Of Student Voice         Year 12 Aspinall      EDITOR

rochelle photo.docxMy name is Rochelle Chrzanowski and, along with Sean McParland, I’m one of the Year 12 Student Voice Leaders for 2016. For the magazine I’ll be writing articles about anything and everything from snorkelling to the stresses of school, as well as trying my hand at photography and video editing. Outside of school I love being outdoors, running, and playing basketball. I’m looking forward to working with and getting to know the 2016 CMC community. If there’s two pieces of advice I could give you it’s to work hard and have fun!

KURT COMMINS     Year 11 Chisholm Representative   CONTRIBUTOR 

ImageLoaderHello, my name is Kurt ‘WestsidetillidieSUWOOP’ Commins, I am in Year 11 Chisholm and I am one of the students involved in the Student Voice team for 2016. I really enjoy film and watching movies, and my favorite sport is handball. I thoroughly enjoy being involved in a good rally with my mates at lunch. I spend my free time practicing my handball skills and my favorite move is The Power Shot. Within the Student Voice Team I will be helping with photos, video making, and the writing of a few articles. I am looking forward to this year and working with the rest of the Student Voice Team.

ANDREW CARROLL      Year 11 Aspinall Representative CONTRIBUTOR

AndrewHi my name is Andrew and I am in year 11 Aspinall 2. I enjoy talking with mates, listening to music and watching movies. I try to be as active in the cultural life of the school as possible. I enjoy being in the student voice team because I heavily enjoy writing, camera work and video editing so it is an excellent place to show such talents.

ISABELLA KALAITZIS     Year 10 Rice Representative CONTRIBUTOR                  

Isabella photoHello everyone, my name is Isabella Kalaitzis. I am in Year 10 Rice 2 and I am a part of the 2016 Student Voice Team. I will be writing articles from the news Inside CMC, Outside CMC, and the Voices of CMC with some fun stress- less procrastination activities. Outside of school I enjoy playing soccer and futsal, being with friends and watching movies. I am privileged to be a part of the Student Voice Team so if there is anything that you feel would be good to put in the magazine don’t hesitate to come and tell us or even email us.

ETHAN HUMPHREY     Year 10 Chisholm Representative   CONTRIBUTOR




SAMANTHA CLOUGHLEY     Year 9 Campbell Representative CONTRIBUTOR         

SamHi, my name is Samantha Cloughley and I’m one of the Year 9 Student Voice Leaders for 2016. For the magazine I’ll be doing photography, which I really enjoy, designing, and maybe even an article or two. Outside of school I love being active and doing anything outdoors from touch football, to dirt bike riding and backyard cricket. I’m really looking forward to working with the team and the community this year and getting your views of CMC and beyond!

SOPHIE SCHAFER      Year 9 MacKillop Representative CONTRIBUTOR

sophieHello, it’s me, or for those of you who don’t already know my name is Sophie Schafer and I am one of the Year nine Reps for Student Voice.  I’m quite a chatter box and I like to talk about subjects that have nothing to do with the original topic, so I think that’s why I’m here.  One of my greatest strengths is writing and I highly enjoy it.  Other than being a Grammar Nazi, I play the flute for the Concert band and soloist register and soon the Celtic Band – as you can see I also enjoy being a part of the Arts and Culture side of things.  Back to the topic of Student Voice, I’ll be writing articles about interesting subjects that occur outside of CMC – like my first article, Baby Asha the Asylum Seeker which is a very controversial topic.  I hope you all enjoy our online magazine and will see you guys around the school grounds.

MELISSA CAMPBELL     Year 8 Aspinall Representative CONTRIBUTOR                 

Melissa.jpgHello, my name is Melissa Campbell and I’m in Year 8. This year I’m very excited to be a part of the Student Voice Team, as it will be a way to communicate with other students and get to know them. Things I like to do in my free time is play soccer or squash, I also play a variety of instruments like the saxophone and the drums. I’m very excited for the year ahead and looking for the opportunities that await.

CAROLINE DODSON     Year 8 Surawski Representative CONTRIBUTOR

caroline1Hello, my name is Caroline Dodson and I am in Year 8 Surawski. I love taking photos and making videos from filming to editing. In my spare time I love to play soccer, listen to music and make videos with my friends. I am really excited to be a part of the Student Voice team and can’t wait until our next article!


HARRISON MEREDITH    Year 7 Aspinall CONTRIBUTOR and “CMC’s Comicsman”