IMG_4672Acknowledging, Capturing, and Celebrating College Life

The Student Voice Service Team explores, creates, and facilitates ways for our community to acknowledge, celebrate, and capture our college life and achievements through this publication and other social media.

The name, ANIMA SCHOLASTICA  means ‘Life Of the School’ in Latin.  The word ‘Anima‘ actually translates more closely to  ‘life blood’ or the ‘soul’ of the school and in this context relates to the meaning of ‘animating’ or ‘bringing life’ to our community.  

Why use a Latin phrase for our name when most don’t understand this archaic language?   If we look at it in the context of who we are – past, present, and future – it makes sense.  It is important for us to acknowledge that many students have gone before us and  left a rich legacy for us to enjoy and build upon.  Using a Latin phrase reminds us to serve our community well,  leaving our mark on the life of our school, bringing life to it, as others before us have.  This publication is our contribution.