Awards Evening

On Monday night we held our awards evening for 2016.  This was a wonderful affair with over 500 students recognised for their service to the college and academic excellence, merit and endeavour.  The evening which concluded at a very civil 9:30pm, and was highlighted by 4 exceptional displays of student talent.  Thank you to the Senior Dance Troupe, Jazz Band, Senior Drama Group and Lucy Nguyen-Hunt for making the evening such an amazing spectacle.

Mention should also be made of the String Quartet and soloist singers who entertained those viewing the art on display in the foyer.

The finale of the evening was the awarding of our special awards, a full list of which will be in the Newsletter.  However, the college would like to congratulate Tiana Vida our 2016 College Dux, who also was 1st in class for Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics B and Study of Religion.  A truly deserved recipient who has exemplified the College motto “By Effort and Faith”.

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