Tips for the Pokemon trainers of CMC

Hi Guys!!!
Hope your all having fun with Pokémon Go!!!
If your not sure what it’s all about visit the website to get quick insight to the adventurous game:
I will be giving weekly updates on:
  • Top 3 tips
  • Best lures and Pokéstops in Brisbane
  • Pokémon trainer achievements at CMC

So let’s get started for this week!!!

This week’s top 3 tips:


Practice your throws because practice makes perfect!!!
Keep collecting Pokéballs from Pokéstops, the more you get the more you can practice!
Once you have enough practice and catch on your first throw, start to learn to throw curve balls!
Here’s a tutorial on throwing curve balls.


#2 – Know your Pokémon type!

It is a simple rule to any game. Be smart about what you use!
so if you are trying to take over a gym full of water Pokémon, it is best you don’t use fire Pokémon…

#1 – To be simple and straight forward… don’t get in cars with strangers…

I think the picture is pretty self-explanatory…

This weeks best Lures and Pokéstops in Brisbane are (Drum roll please…)

Southbank Parklands!
Last week the Southbank parklands were lit up with lures all week and even at 1am in the morning they were still going strong!
With an average of 300+ more people walking around Southbank catching Pokémon and battling out the gyms the shops must be running out of food…
Here is a screenshot when I was there last week

Pokémon Trainer Achievements at CMC for this week!

Cody Cheung Grade 12: Jigglypuff hatched out of a 5km Egg
G Rawson Grade 12: Taking over all Esk Gyms
taking over esk.png
Tom Merrigan Grade 12: 23.48kms
G Rawson Grade 12: Level 18
Anthony Caiulo Grade 12: 10km egg Lapras


Make sure you send in a weekly achievement to possibly get your achievement displayed!
Happy catching guys!
Yours truly,
Pokémon Master Rawson


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