Tips for the Pokemon trainers of CMC

Hi Guys!!! Hope your all having fun with Pokémon Go!!! If your not sure what it’s all about visit the website to get quick insight to the adventurous game: I will be giving weekly updates on: Top 3 tips Best lures and Pokéstops in Brisbane Pokémon trainer achievements at CMC So let’s get started for this week!!! This… Read More Tips for the Pokemon trainers of CMC

Raise Your Voice

By Sophie Shafer, Year 9 MacKillop Representative for Student Voice Service Team Baby Asha, was born in Australia to asylum seeker parents.  Recently she has been mentioned in the news and has become quite a controversial topic.  Her family were sent to the Detention Centre on Nauru Island when Asha was onlyfive months old.  It was there that she suffered… Read More Raise Your Voice